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Iran’s Industrial Map: Power Plants

If we want to have a proper impact on our environment and energy consumption, we should have a true imagination of its current condition. Here, in energykade, we’ve searched all kinds of power plants in Iran and have tagged them on the google map. you can easily see the number of power plants, their technology and capacity and their distribution on the map. You can find out a country like Iran which is located in dry area and has huge oil and gas sources, has chosen which kinds of power plant in which areas. It’s a valuable real study on power plants of a country which may be useful for commercial and educational research.

You can use the legend below to read the map:

Iran's Power Plants map Legend

Iran’s Power Plants map Legend

It’s worth to mention that some companies in Iran sell this kind of maps (even with less details) for about 1500 USD. but we believe awareness should bee free for all, So enjoy Iran’s full power plants map and feel free to use it in your studies and presentations.

Mozaffar EtezadiFar

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Mozaffar owns degrees in electrical engineering as BSc and power management as MSc. He has worked in fields of energy and e-commerce. He believes that energy and IT can help each other to save more energy and our planet. So here is energykade...
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