petrochemical complex view

Iran’s Industrial Map: Petrochemical Complexes

Iran, as country with huge gas and oil reservoirs, has many petrochemical complexes to produce more valuable products than crude oil or sour gas. These numerous petrochemical complexes are great opportunity for many industrial groups and companies which sell products or services for operation, maintenance or even starting new projects in this field.

Here, in EnergyKade, we have collected petrochemicals data and implemented on a map, so you can see how many petrochemical complexes are located in which parts of Iran. These kind of industrial maps are being sold by some companies in Iran with price about 1500 USD. But we strongly believe public awareness and knowledge will benefit our society and environment more. So we have provided these maps for you for free and we hope you can use them in your studies or research or even investments!

Here is Iran’s petrochemical complexes map:

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