What is Fiscal Metering and why it’s important?

If you are selling or buying expensive fluid or transferring huge amount of any fluid, you should know how much fluid are you dealing with and what is the quality of the fluid you’re selling or buying. Fiscal metering is an combination of acts and systems that figures out this issue for us.

Fiscal metering system which is also known by Custody Transfer system (which is a little bit different!) is your cash register in your facility. The more accurate it is, the more better your payment details will be. and when it comes to millions of cubic meter of hydrocarbons , even 0.25% uncertainty will lead to huge amount of unwanted cost which is much more than what we have spent for our fiscal metering system.

Here, you can see my presentation on fiscal metering for 3th national flow measurement in Iran University of science and technology in December 2016.  Hope you find it useful and share your experiences of fiscal metering projects with me.

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