Power demand slump narrows to 2.6 pc in July beginning

New Delhi: Power demand slump has narrowed to 2.6 per cent in the beginning of July from 9.6 per cent in June, showing improvement in commercial and industrial activities in the country. The peak power demand had declined by about 25 per cent in April and 8.82 per cent in May this year due to lower commercial and industrial demand during the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

The government had imposed the lockdown from March 25.

Experts have expressed hope that power demand would reach normal levels by August this year. Unlock 2.0 is expected to bring economic activities to almost normal levels, which would be reflected in power demand data.

The government had started easing the lockdown from April 20, 2020.

According to power ministry data, peak power demand met was recorded at 170.54 GW on July 2, which is just 2.61 per cent lower than 175.12 GW in July 2019.

The peak power demand met was 166.78GW on July 1, 168.34GW on July 3 and 160.83 GW on July 4.

The peak power demand met in June dipped 9.6 per cent at 164.94GW compared to 182.45 GW in June 2019.

Peak power demand met is defined as the highest energy supply during the day across the country.

In May, the peak power demand met stood at 166.42 GW, 8.82 per cent less than 182.55 GW in the year-ago period. In April, it stood at 132.77 GW, about 25 per cent lower than 176.81 GW recorded in the corresponding month a year earlier.

Many lockdown relaxations from May 4 to 31 perked up industrial and commercial demand. Rising temperatures due to the intense heat wave also led to an increase in power demand.

The data also showed that the slump in power consumption narrowed in June to 9.74 per cent from 14.86 per cent registered in May and 23.21 per cent recorded in April this year.

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