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Mozaffar owns degrees in electrical engineering as BSc and power management as MSc. He has worked in fields of energy and e-commerce. He believes that energy and IT can help each other to save more energy and our planet. So here is energykade...

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Tesla S on the road

Don’t trust in EVs yet? See these 10 wonderful cars then!

If you’re born on 90s (Like me) you would definitely remember the days that you couldn’t even imagine one day we’ll all have big smart phones and we can’t live without them (some people can!). Now I should inform you that the same thing is happening about Electric vehicles. While we were all talking about traditional cars with less pollution and consumption (and of course more power) and looking at EVs as toys, These toys came into the market and increased their share of it slowly. Now days these EVs have become powerful, beautiful and affordable and they have expressed themselves as a solution for environmental or economic problems of societies. There is a difference between EVs  prevalence and smart phone’s. Most governments (and people) support  and subsidize the plans that help growing market for EVs while smart phones propagation in every aspect of our lives, looks like a disaster and there are many people against it. So we can expect a brilliant future (near future!) for EVs.
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