Tesla S on the road

Don’t trust in EVs yet? See these 10 wonderful cars then!

If you’re born on 90s (Like me) you would definitely remember the days that you couldn’t even imagine one day we’ll all have big smart phones and we can’t live without them (some people can!). Now I should inform you that the same thing is happening about Electric vehicles. While we were all talking about traditional cars with less pollution and consumption (and of course more power) and looking at EVs as toys, These toys came into the market and increased their share of it slowly. Now days these EVs have become powerful, beautiful and affordable and they have expressed themselves as a solution for environmental or economic problems of societies. There is a difference between EVs  prevalence and smart phone’s. Most governments (and people) support  and subsidize the plans that help growing market for EVs while smart phones propagation in every aspect of our lives, looks like a disaster and there are many people against it. So we can expect a brilliant future (near future!) for EVs.
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11 Tips you should know right now to reduce your energy bills easily!

If your cooling or heating costs bother you too, I suggest you to read this article to the end. All of us, based on where we live may use different ways with different costs to set our ideal temperature in our houses but it’s common between us that we want this ideal temperature at lowest cost. In this article, I want to share some simple tips and tricks (with almost no cost) with you to nail this goal and see the huge change in heating or cooling bills.

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heat transfer ways

Want to know how your favorable air escapes? See these 3 heat transfer ways!

3 ways of heat transfer, which you should know for maximum heating efficiency.

To control the temperature of the place that we are living or working in, we should know how heat behaves. By understanding the ways that heat distributes in the space around us, we can control and use it more efficiently which causes to cost reduction. There are 3 ways for heat to transfer: Conduction, Convection and Radiation.

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Ceiling fan

You won’t believe how easy a cheap ceiling fan can reduce your heating/cooling bill!

Have you ever stood on your dining table so your head situates near your house’s ceiling?! If you haven’t, try it. You’ll feel different (higher) temperature at your head height so that you may sweat after few minutes.  It’s one of the first things we’ve learnt (maybe) about hot air. When fluids get hot, their density decreases and it causes hot air to head up toward the ceiling and colder air (with more density) stay down. It’s good point in summer when we want to keep hot air away from our skin and that would be great if we could keep that hot air close in winter!

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Sunlight in the rooms

Use these 4 methods to have free lighting in your rooms!

Most of the times I prefer to have natural light instead of our common lighting systems. Sun light has the best color for human eyes, it is powerful and it causes production of vital vitamins in our body (plants do photosynthesis also!). Beside these health benefits, using sun for lighting up our dark spaces will reduce our electricity bill for lighting which is the biggest part of our electricity consumption. By talking about “sun light” I really mean it! I’m not talking about converting sun energy into electrical form and then using it to lighting up our room. I want to use sun rays directly in my spaces. So, let’s have look at some invented (and some evident!) ways of doing it:

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Bird on Solar Panel

5 Practical ways to keep birds away of your solar panels

We’ve all seen many solar panels that part of them is covered with birds droppings. Unlike dust or air pollution that will reduce the insolation on the panel, bird droppings (if the cell is fully covered!) won’t let any visible ray pass through them and will decline the output power to zero, which may cause limitation on whole column or row of the cells. I observed this problem when I was walking in a sunny day in “Mellat Park” in Tehran. There were many solar park lights which their PV panels was covered partly with “inconsiderate birds” droppings! Since the panels were installed on top of the lights and also the lights were spread all over the park it seems too time-consuming and of course costly to clear all of those panel manually. So because “Prevention is better than cure”, I’ve gathered 4 usual way and 1 new idea to keep birds away from panels (Or at least their poops!).

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Wind Turbine

5 Developing Ideas that will change wind turbines future

If you or one those who care about environment or energy resources, of course you have spent some times on wind turbines. Well, they are wonderful! They have no pollution (Let’s not consider the construction part), they can produce more power than other renewable energy systems and finally they are beautiful! But there are some disadvantages that makes us (as an small country which is deciding on their power solutions) say deep in our hearts “mmm…is this really the best option I can choose as my energy source?!”. As you can guess these disadvantages are Low Efficiency and Unreliability.

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